Sunday, 27 August 2017

Spirit of Manchester PRIDE Parade award

The atmosphere at the march was amazing and more people  marched than ever before, there were around 100 women from  WI’s across Greater Manchester and the North West. The WI, as a collective,  won the ‘Spirit of the Parade’ Award.

We had a brilliant day standing in solidarity with ALL our sisters within the LGBT community 🌈🐝 Manchester was 'buzzing' with love and positivity x

Also a big thank you to our members who voted to support Cale Green WI being involved in this wonderful event.


Brilliant day at pride 2017

Thanks to the women who represented Cale Green WI so brilliantly and for all their hard work preparing outfits and placards:
Ann Jennings
Maggi Stokes
Margaret Phillis
Alison Hagger
Lisa Davies
Laura Allen
Susan Smither Doyle
Jeanette Paton
Liz Robertson

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