Sunday, 30 October 2016

Our Christmas Tree Needs Bees

Can you help?

We need BEES for our Christmas Tree at the St George's Christmas Tree Festival on the 23rd  to Sunday 27th November.
Image result for bee hand made
I know some of you are already creating, so can you please bring them to the AGM on the 5th Nov or drop them off with a committee member please contact us via Calegreenwi Messenger

Preferably we need Bees, pre-strung for the tree. The BEES need to be yellow & black with white wings please.
Image result for crochet bee pattern

They are going on a black tree so they need to show up.

Something like this crochet a bee tutorial

They can be any Shape, Size.......

Knitted, Sewn, Felt, Felted or Crochet......

My mum is knitting tiny yellow and white bunting, and we already have a tree topper made by Helen, how gorgeous is this!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Sat 5th Nov AGM

Quick reminder-next meeting on 5th November is starting 5pm on the dot so aim to arrive 4:45 to get your brew & cake!

The committee have worked/are working very hard to make our first AGM a wonderful celebration of our first year plus lots of fun & surprises! 

We will aim to finish 6:30pm as I, for one, love bonfire night and will be heading out after the meeting 


Thursday, 27 October 2016

Cale Green WI Skills Sharing

Promoting our talented members

If you have a skill you would like to share, run a group, activity, etc. Please join our Cale Green WI Skills Sharing Group on Facebook

This is a new group so it is work in progress at the moment and we would welcome ideas on how to run the group. 

Our first thought was we all have skills that are worthy of sharing...even if you think you don't! 

Maybe you are a great baker, or good at spreadsheets, maybe you are handy with a paintbrush, or good at fixing things, can talk someone through something on the computer....really the list is endless and it doesn't have to be something big.

Our thought are that if you need help with something you post it on the Cale Green WI Skills Sharing Group facebook page and if someone can help they will reply. For example you need help baking a birthday cake, but you are not confident, someone else who loves baking might offer to help you.

If you have a skill you'd like to offer then post that too, and if anyone needs that help they can post on your thread.

There is no need for reciprocal sharing, unless you want to. So skills can be shared without any worry of "paying back", but just because it's a nice thing to do.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Sat 8th Oct @ 7.30pm

Looking for a great night out tomorrow, look no further. 7.30pm at Stockport Town Hall. Pay on the door.
See our very own Helen Eadie perform 😁

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Follow us on Twitter

Our Twitter handle is @WICaleGreen

🤗 Search for us @wicalegreen

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🤗 and off you go 

New community Facebook page

Join our new community Facebook page @

Go on you know you want to 😄

Our public page is closing down........ But don't despair, it's being replaced with a community page so it's easier to message us and for us to connect you to our new Twitter account.

So it's going to change from this

............To this

All you have to do is join our new community Facebook page @ and tell you friends about us 🤗