Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Crafternoon for Comic Relief on Fri 24th March

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Hi lovelies - I'm thinking of running a crafternoon for comic relief along with Helen on Friday 24th March 1-5pm as a drop in! 

We are hoping to hold it at Walthew House and it will be open to anyone (kids & adults!) wanting to come in:-)

There will be a £1.50 charge on the door and we will (hopefully with your help!) be selling cakes with a brew! 

Anything anybody makes they can either take with them for a voluntary contribution or we will sell at the next meeting and donate the proceeds to comic relief. 

This is not a WI event but an event me & Helen are doing hopefully with some support from you guys!
So what we need to know is...
1. Who would be interested in coming along
2. Would anybody like to contribute time and/or craft materials
3. Who would be willing to bake?
4. Could anyone give up some time to make & serve teas/coffees?

We have nothing set in stone yet as it's just putting feelers out to see if this is something you'd like to do and get your friends/family involved in! 

No idea on craft stations yet but there will definitely be a variety! Ideally it would be lovely to have somebody 'womanning' each station but this is not essential.

Thank you 

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