Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Running - Beginners Group

So ladies two reasons for this post. The first is to say thank you very much to Jacqui Evans who started up a beginners running club in January (it's now an affiliated group rather than a specific club but if it weren't for the Cale Green WI it wouldn't have got me there). 

This morning we completed our 8 (ish) week runners course and ran for 30 minutes non-stop. 

I'm amazed with how far we've all come from that first week and also that Jacqui managed to get me through it! 

Sally, LauraRosh and I ran this morning with her and there are another few (Lisa, Lou and Luisa) who couldn't make this morning but have been enjoying her expert guidance!

The second reason, for those who weren't able to join this time but would like to, she is starting another beginners group this Thursday and the link is here:
Liz Luddington


Well done and thank you to the amazing ladies today. 

Loved running with you, long may it continue x 


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